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Positive signs of a big recovery in property values at Gordon's Bay

The Rawson Property Group’s Strand franchise plans during the next 12 months to open an office in Gordon’s Bay, an area it has served for some 15 years. This move, says Wouter Joubert, co-franchisee and manager of the Rawson Property Group’s Strand franchise, is based on the ‘wholly realistic’ assessment that the Gordon’s Bay market is now in a strong recovery mode and an excellent place to buy a property.

Prices in Gordon’s Bay, said Joubert, are still ‘affordable’ by middle class standards and offer extremely good value. Full title homes sell in a price bracket of R600,000 to R4 million, the average price being R1,000,000. Sectional title units are selling from R280,000 to R800,000.

“Anyone contemplating buying in Gordon’s Bay,” said Joubert, “should realize that the area lay dormant from a sales point of view from 2007 until the start of 2013. Now, believe it or not, prices are rising at 10 to 15% per annum. In all my property experience I have never seen an area take off so quickly, but I have to say that I always expected something like this to happen because the village, with its beach and attractive harbour, its quaint restaurants and good hospitality venues, has real charm and a welcoming atmosphere.”

Today’s residents at Gordon’s Bay, added Joubert, tend no longer to be mostly retired people. Many commute from here to Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Somerset West and many run businesses from their homes.

“We currently have some 100 plus properties on our stock list here and, virtually every one of them is, in my view, likely to appreciate significantly in the year ahead. Now, therefore, is definitely the time to buy.”