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Construction Begins On Primary School At Bardale Village

The Department of Education has begun civil works on the site for a second school at Bardale Village. This will be a primary school that will accommodate ±500 children and it is sited right next to the newly built high school, which will have an intake of 800 to 900 learners from January 2015.

The Department of Education has earmarked sites for another two schools in the area, and although it was thought this primary school would only be built later, the need for facilities in the area have fast-tracked the construction and it is expected to receive its first intake of learners in January 2016, said Michael Bauer, managing director of the estate agency IHPC, who are responsible for the sales and marketing of Bardale Village.

These schools will complement the existing offerings at Bardale Village, where the developer has been working to create a village that will have most of the facilities needed by families, offering an integrated lifestyle. The crèche that opened at the beginning of March this year is fully operational, with 60 children and, says Bauer, it is pleasing to see that all these children live in Bardale Village.

The crèche also offers after-care facilities, which would mean that any children at the primary school that need care between the close of school and their parents coming home from work would have a facility within walking distance to go to, he said.

“If children of all ages can be schooled in the area and close to home, the value for parents who both work is immense,” said Bauer. “It means that their children can walk to school and parents can commute to work without the stress factor of ferrying children first and having to take time out during the day to fetch them from school or make arrangements for them to be collected. This is a huge value add for many families living at Bardale.”

The good news is that once the children who live here have matriculated, they also have tertiary facilities nearby, with UWC, UNISA and Stellenbosch University within an easy driving distance, he said.

Once the planned commercial facilities have been developed, we anticipate that there will be further appeal and a general upgrading of the area. This should, in turn, create new employment opportunities for those who live there or possibly attract more buyers to Bardale Village, said Bauer.

“We have always advocated that families should buy very carefully, with the view to buying once and not upgrading or moving areas every few years, as this wastes money. It is better to look for an area that will serve as many needs as possible and the home that will be big enough for a family but not so large that the owners will have to downscale when their children leave home. The homes at Bardale Village range from two bedroom homes to four bedroom homes, which should accommodate most families’ needs.”

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