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Placing your trust in property letting tools

With any contractual obligation comes terms and conditions, usually dauntingly presented in virtually impenetrable fine print. Services normally require a responsibility from both parties, to adhere to the contract, and the attached terms and conditions. Many of us have been caught out by the fine print at some point or another, and these hard-earned lessons naturally lead to scepticism and reluctance when it comes to entering into certain agreements.

“There are many services that are promoted to consumers on a daily basis, most of which depict amazing service at a low cost, however, there is often something in the agreement that is too good to be true,” says Martin Goodman, Director of Rentshield, a unique residential property letting tool. “With Rentshield, there are no hidden costs and there is no fine print. What we offer to clients is what they receive.”

Rentshield is known for its unique zero deposit service offering which delivers benefits to landlords and agents that extends further. Landlords who rely on promptly paid rentals for income or to pay off the property’s bond find great value in Rentshield’s unique management of slow payment service. Rentshield will pay the rent on behalf of the slow-paying tenant as soon as the landlord submits a claim to Rentshield, which is easily done through the Rentshield online portal. Claims can be made within 30 days of the tenant not paying rent, and are paid out to the respective landlord within 48 hours of lodging the claim.

For agents who are focused on customer service, Rentshield alleviates the stress when it comes to slow payments because the landlord will often put pressure on the agent to get the rental on time. The management of slow payments is at no extra cost to the agent or landlord as all costs involved are included into the monthly rental of the tenant at a fixed cost. Rentshield’s fee does not fluctuate depending on the service needed.

Here are a few testimonies from landlords and agents who are currently using Rentshield:

Gerard Krecklenberg – RBK Holdings (more than 50 tenants using the Rentshield offering)

“We began using Rentshield 6 months ago and the system, service and support have been excellent. Utilising the online system has saved us time, reduced costs and improved relationships with our tenants. We have had several claims during this period, which were dealt with quickly and effectively. As with any landlord we have also had tenants who occasionally pay late, however claims for late payment have been settled quickly, which helps our cash flow. We have no reservations in highly recommending Rentshield.”

Penny Bester – TQM Property Management

“TQM Property Management has used Rentshield since the inception of our company which has been going on for about 2 years now. Rentshield is very helpful and go the extra mile. Their claims and refunds on policies taken with them are paid out in good time so that when tenants default the owners/landlords do not lose out on their rental income. With Rentshield going live on the World Wide Web it has become easier to monitor policies in real time. Rentshield is a wonderful incentive to sell to landlords and owners who are hesitant to rent out their properties due to defaulting tenants.”

Goodman concludes, “Agents and landlords have nothing to lose by signing up with Rentshield, as there are no costs involved for them. What you agree to is what you receive and there are no hidden costs, terms and conditions do not apply with Rentshield. We encourage you to put us to the test.”

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