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IEA Western Cape to assist with recruiting new black recruits

Annette Evans, regional general manager for the Institute of Estate Agents, Western Cape, has announced this week that the Institute in the Western Cape is currently working on a training plan specifically geared towards estate agents in the Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, Langa area.

This is on the back of a recent Estate Agency Affairs Board announcement on the launch of a programme to fast-track the transformation of the property sector. The EAAB have launched a “One Learner – One Agency” programme, and the aim is to get 10 000 new entrants into the industry over a three year period.

“This may be somewhat ambitious,” said Evans. “However, those who have a tertiary education will be able to apply for exemption from the qualification and will only have to do the twelve month internship with the EAAB. Support from real estate agencies is crucial in ensuring that this worthy initiative succeeds, as these learners need to be taken in by agencies in order to provide the required mentorship and resulting workplace learning.”

The SSETA has pledged its support, in principle, in terms of financial assistance. The project is currently being planned by the steering committee that consists of delegates from the EAAB, the SSETA, the Department of Human Settlements, the National Skills Authority and the Department of Labour.

The Institute supports this initiative and wants to assist property professionals by holding information sessions and talks in the above mentioned areas. Further details of which will be announced at a later stage, as soon as they are finalised, said Evans.

“Our aim is to offer better support to the property professionals in the areas where it is needed and to provide a programme of skills enhancement, motivation, property induction and introduction to those not yet selling property. Through this initiative, we will in turn assist in protecting the public who might up until now have been dealing with unregistered agents, who will then be able to deal with members of IEASA instead.”

IEASA is a non-profit organisation and requires the support of all agents in the area in order to work together, said Evans.

“Sponsorship from local businesses is much needed and would be very welcome,” said Evans, “and in return we offer exposure.”

Anyone interested in attending should email their full name/ID number/company details/email address/cell number and office number to

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