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Germiston is now a high demand area, says Rawson

All the indicators that prospective home buyers could (and should) consult when they begin investigating an area right now point to Germiston being an excellent place in which to buy a home, says the Rawson Property Group’s co-franchisee for that area, Naomi de Vries (the other franchisee is her husband, Pieter). They also own the Rawson Property Group’s Boksburg franchise.

Although prices are now beginning to shift upwards by 3 to 5% per annum, and this rate will probably increase, it is still possible in Germiston to get real value for money, says de Vries.

“Ninety percent of the sales we are making are for free-standing homes on their own plots and these are priced from R750,000 to R1,8 million, with the bulk of the sales actually taking place below R1 million. What makes such homes so attractive and such good value for money, is not only that these prices are low by South African standards, but that, dating from previous eras as they do, these homes tend to have very large plots (almost always over 1,000 m2 and often 2,000 m2) while the homes themselves will usually have at least a 250 m2 to 500 m2 floor area – double the size that today’s developers can provide at these prices.”

In addition, says de Vries, Germiston itself has “a great deal going for it”.

“Unlike some of the other reef towns, we have a great deal of local industry within our boundaries and this ensures not only the demand for homes here is always strong, but also that our municipality is the only one in the Ekurhuleni metro that is solvent and can pay its way. They have just spent R2 million on upgrading our chief outdoor attraction, Victoria Lake, which is home to many of South Africa’s best rowing and dinghy sailing clubs. Our inner city security systems are good and our streets are clean. Germiston also has one of SA’s best golf courses, some excellent natural parks, retail centres and no less than eight good schools, both private and state, English and Afrikaans speaking.

“Add to these facts that Germiston is only 16 km from the Johannesburg CBD and it’s not difficult to understand why the demand for homes here is so strong.”

The high demand, said de Vries, does have its downside — stock is always in short supply. Nevertheless, being part of a big brand group helps a great deal in this respect.

“We are now selling three to five homes per month and they are generally signed for within two to three weeks of being listed. It is not at all unusual to get seven to ten serious enquirers for the property being advertised but the plain truth is that we could be doubling our sales’ turnover if we had sufficient stock and it must be remembered that we are one of the top two agencies in town.”

This situation, however, should be very reassuring to buyers, added de Vries, because they now can buy with absolute confidence and it is almost impossible to make a bad purchase in Germiston. Many buyers, particularly the previously disadvantaged buyers, find this comforting especially if they are buying for the first time.”

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