PropSys Solutions Acquires Nicor IT Consulting

PropSys Solutions, a leading property management software organisation, has acquired Nicor IT Consulting.  Marius Vermeulen, PropSys Solutions CEO, says that the acquisition of Nicor IT Consulting, a company with thirty-seven years’ experience, was fundamental to the company’s growth strategy and offering in this constantly evolving industry.  

keyboard_technologyPropSys Solutions was established in 2003 and delivers a unique combination of software systems and support service solutions to a variety of customers.  “As we enter this new phase, we will be branching out across the industry continuing to provide a superior service as well as state-of-the-art systems and programmes to our clients,” he says.

With over 21 years’ experience in the property market, Vermeulen is certain that PropSys Solutions provides an unrivalled suite of products with a richness of features that will now differentiate the company even further from their closest competitors.

The total staff compliment of PropSys Solutions is now 26 individuals based in Johannesburg and Durban.  “The joint experience of the two companies and best-in-market property management software solutions enable us to provide leading-edge service as well as anticipate our clients’ demands and requirements,” says Vermeulen.

The merger was effective from 1st March 2014 and Vermeulen is confident that PropSys Solutions’ stable operating environment together with the combined industry experience of the two units will further set the company apart.

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