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Improved accessibility for Plattekloof

The developers of Baronetcy Estate, one of the most exclusive secure estates in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs, have handed over to council their newly-completed access road, known as Silwerboom Road. The new roadway conveniently links Plattekloof 2 and 3 with Plattekloof 4, the Plattekloof Village Shopping Centre and the adjacent Plattekloof Main Road. Although necessitated primarily by the increased resident numbers in Baronetcy Estate, Pam Golding Properties (PGP) reports that the new road will also benefit the entire surrounding community.

PGP’s Plattekloof area principals Pierre Nel and Andre Leask say the new road provides easy access for all Plattekloof residents to the shopping centres in both Plattekloof 2 and Plattekloof 4, as well as to the local business parks and the new SAPS Forensic Centre. “The very welcome result will be an overall improvement in traffic flow between the various suburbs of Plattekloof, with improved accessibility and reduced congestion and commuting times for everyone,” say the agents. “And this is not the only public contribution made by the developers – they have also donated a portion of land at the top of Baronetcy Estate, to be incorporated into the adjacent Tygerberg Nature Reserve. Once the developer has completed new access paths in this area, residents of the Estate will be able to enjoy direct access into the reserve, provided they have obtained the requisite annual access pass.”

Sales are continuing at pace in the final section of Baronetcy Estate – Phase Nine, consisting of 62 erven. More than half of these have already been sold, including the most expensive plots, occupying large erven in the most elevated sections of the estate. One of these, a plot measuring 2040sqm, was recently sold by PGP to a UK buyer for R4 million – the highest price ever achieved for a single vacant residential erf in Plattekloof. (The previous record was R2.75 million for an erf sold in May 2013). The two plots adjacent to this one have also been sold for high prices – R3.75 million and R3.65 million respectively. Nel and Leask say the panoramic views offered by the elevated setting of Baronetcy Estate have been key driving forces for the bullish sales in Phase Nine, as well as the convenient location and the fact that this is the final developmental phase of the estate.

Services have been installed and construction is underway on the internal access roads for Phase Nine, giving access to the upper level plots on the Tygerberg mountainside. Completion of this process is expected by early June 2014. Also in progress is the installation of a new nature-friendly security fence and state-of-the-art thermal camera system, which will boost the existing security measures on the estate, including armed guard and dog patrols.

Nel and Leask say the first sales in Phase Nine are expected to be registered in May this year, at which point the new owners can commence building their homes. “The typical architectural style of the estate is that of a modern, top-end home with luxury contemporary finishes, akin to those one might expect to find on the Atlantic Seaboard,” say the agents. “Competed homes in the other phases of the estate already fetch between R5 million and R15 million on re-sale, and we anticipate that these prices will only increase once the homes in Phase Nine are completed.”

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