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Integrated lifestyle at Bardale Village

Working steadily toward creating an integrated lifestyle village, the developers of Bardale Village, IHD (Pty) Ltd, constantly check what is needed in the area and what could add value, says Michael Bauer, managing director of the estate agency IHPC who are responsible for the sales and marketing of Bardale Village.

The demand for schooling and care facilities are high here, and because of this, IHD decided last year to create the space necessary for a crèche to be built, which will be run by an independent operator. The crèche will accommodate up to 140 children between the ages of two and grade R, and the operator has said that he has already 60 children enrolled. He expects all the spaces to be taken up by June or July this year, said Bauer.

The crèche is nearly complete and will be fully operational in March 2014.

The building fits in well with the rest of Bardale Village in that it is built in a Cape Dutch style. It has an open courtyard with ample space to be used as a play area for the children. Two large trees which were on the site initially have specifically been kept so as to create shade in the courtyard, he said.

“What many don’t realise about Bardale Village, is what it looks like on the inside of the perimeter fencing,” said Bauer, “but on entering most are pleasantly surprised. There are many green areas that have been created in-between housing and the roads are wider than most in housing developments, creating a feeling of open space, rather than high density housing built on top of each other.”

“Further additions to this area, which we believe will increase demand for homes here,” he said, “are the completion of the new high school (also ready for 2014 intake of students) and two planned retail centres which will be directly opposite the main entrance to Bardale Village.”

Sales at Bardale for October and November last year surpassed what was expected, said Bauer. There are now ±120 units left of the 939 units in phases one and two.

Plans for apartment are in the pipeline and in phase three there will be a mix of semi-detached houses and apartments The homes will have one, two or three bedrooms.

Prices for homes here range from R464 000 to R755 000, said Bauer.

“We have worked hard to create a family friendly environment at Bardale Village,” said Bauer. “On any given day you will see children playing happily and safely outside their homes and many residents take pride in their gardens (which was confirmed by a recent “Best Garden” competition held by the developer). The value for money on these homes is boosted by wellbeing of living in a safe, welcoming environment.”

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