Rawson Auctions On The Expansion Trail – With A New Emphasis On Commercial Properties

One of the Rawson Property Group’s most successful divisions, Rawson Auctions, which now has active franchises in the Western Cape and Gauteng, saw a massive growth in turnover last year.

Rawson Wheels210This, says Leon Breytenbach, the Rawson Property Group’s National Commercial Manager, puts Rawson Auctions in a strong position to expand further. “We anticipate this performance continuing well into the 2014 financial year, with expansion already planned into other regions during the first quarter of this year,” says Breytenbach.

The Rawson Property Group’s growing strength in the auction field, Breytenbach believes, is the result of a fast expanding client base, many of the new contacts coming to them from the group’s 200 plus franchises. Clients and potential clients are kept up-to-date on all Rawson opportunities via emails and newsletters, who in some cases operate in more than one province.

“Despite the proven success of auctioneering, when it comes to auctioning residential property many people are still sceptical. They fear the auction may suggest that the seller is in financial difficulty and that the property will be sold for less than its market value. However, with auction companies achieving selling prices in line with property market values, as a result of the general recovery and increased activity in the property market, this perception is rapidly changing. In addition, sellers have a say in what price they want their property to be sold for, and the property can never be sold for less than the value stipulated, without the seller’s consent”.

With commercial properties, says Breytenbach, the whole situation is very different. For some time now, those selling commercial property have realised the benefits of the auction process.

“It is,” says Breytenbach, “no secret that commercial property, in general, gives a better return in South Africa than residential property. At the moment, therefore, it is much sought after by investors. With our Rawson Commercial division having grown in excess of 200% during 2013 — we know that we can offer an efficient, quick service in this field — and 2014 will see us push harder not just to expand but also to increase the number of commercial properties we handle.”

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