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PGP Gardens on Show raised R107 000 for East London charities

Such was the response from all the visitors who flocked to view the recent Pam Golding Properties Gardens on Show event that approximately R107 000 was raised for local charities in East London, far exceeding the R65 000 which was the highest amount previously raised (2011).

Says Hanlie Bassingthwaighte, area principal for Pam Golding Properties in East London: “We were overwhelmed by the extremely positive response from members of the public who showed such interest in the beautiful gardens on show and who fully supported the local charities.

“Each charity was teamed up with one or more gardens, and in early September they were each given 200 tickets to sell at R50 per head, which they sold prior to the event or on the weekend it was held (5 and 6 October). From these sales the charities received 100 percent of the money, and because they could commence ticket sales early on, they could achieve the turnover regardless of how beautiful the garden was or where it was located or irrespective of weather conditions on the weekend. In addition, with the consent of the garden owner, charities could also erect stalls or bring in extra entertainment.”

Bassingthwaighte says the charities involved were all highly appreciative of the public support and expressed their sincere thanks.”This event helps make a difference and touches the lives of those who need help the most. From the Compassionate Friends, East London Women’s Prisoners, St Bernard’s Hospice, Greensleeves and Child Welfare to Uthixo Unungile Ministry, Pet Pals, Cotlands, Breath of Life, Salem Baby Centre, CANSA, Alzheimer’s and The Sophumelela Centre, we received feedback of the generous outpouring of public support and interest as well as the positive exposure they received via the event. For example, the East London Women’s Prisoners will not only benefit from a Christmas party with gifts and treats, the funds will also be put aside to build half-way homes for ex-prisoners who do not have accommodation when they leave prison.

“The fact that the owners of these beautiful gardens opened up their properties over the entire weekend for hundreds of visitors to view and admire says a great deal for the generous hospitality of East London residents. These owners were delighted to be able to inspire others to create appealing gardens and also help raise funds for charity. The response was truly exceptional and we have it on good authority that this event will be bigger and even better next year!”

For further information visit or the Pam Golding East London Facebook page or telephone 043 7054000 or email

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