Green Building Conference at UCT

On September 6th, The GBCSA presented the First Green Building course to the UCT property and construction honours students . It is such a fantastic opportunity for young students who will be entering the market in a couple of months to get involved in all things green. I think its also important that we understand exactly what green building is, because it is often a ‘buzzword’ thrown around by professionals today.

When questioned about what green buildings are, it seemed that there are many different interpretations of the concept. This means that there can not be one set definition, but it all comes down to energy efficiency, resource efficiency and environmental responsibility. In addition, this course provided a step by step breakdown of how the rating system works. I am very interested in finding out a bit more about the greening of the hospitality industry as well as the greening of communities and precincts which appears to be in the pipeline!

Looking forward to seeing what is in store for green buildings in South Africa in the future and solidifying my commitment to the property industry here in the long term.

About the Author

Jessica Fendick

Jessica is a 4th year Property Studies Honours student at the University of Cape Town . She is very interested in sustainability which is evident in the thesis she is currently writing with two of her class mates. This thesis investigates Urban Facilities Management at the V&A Waterfront and the principles that create a sustainable urban precinct. She looks forward to developing her passion for property further by starting her career in the commercial or retail property sector in 2014.



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