Learners encouraged to find careers in built environment

The Department of Public Works has intensified its programme for skills development in the country through the Winter School camp, aimed at attracting learners to careers in the built environment.

The Winter School camp will run from 7 – 12 July in Cullinan outside Pretoria.

The Winter School camp is aimed at creating awareness and influencing learners to take careers in the built environment and de-stigmatise built industry professionals, who are often perceived as mud mixing people, who do back-breaking work with unattractive salaries.

About 100 top performing maths and science learners from 15 schools, adopted by the department in five provinces, have been selected to attend the Winter School camp in Pretoria.

The camp aims to promoting built industry careers and recruite high school learners into these careers.

The 15 schools selected are disadvantaged schools from rural, township and farm communities in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Limpopo, North West and Gauteng provinces.

During the camp, tertiary institutions offering built environment studies will also get a chance to present to the learners and also give guidance on how to get financial assistance for higher education.

The department has a bursary scheme issued on merit to learners interested in studying for careers in the built environment.

Internships will be offered under the department’s ‘Young Professional Programme’ to those students who studied for careers in the sector.

Maths and science tutorials will be offered for the duration of the camp in a bid to address learning gaps and to focus on remedial work. Built environment professionals from the Department of Public Works will also have exciting and practical presentations aimed at attracting the learners into the built environment.

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