Underground residence uncovered during clean-up campaign

The Head of Metro Police, Commissioner Eugene Nzama has congratulated members of the service who have uncovered an established hideout for street drug peddlers.

This discovery was made in an underground tunnel network stretching about four square kilometres from the harbour to the Glenwood area. This was during a clean-up operation that was conducted by the Metro police at the Albert Park area recently.

Found in the tunnel, were what appears to be ‘whoonga’ making powder, packing material, as well as mattresses and pieces of clothing which suggested that people had been squatting there. Because of the unsafe conditions in these tunnel, the police could not pursue the squatters any further and could not establish the number of individuals who had been living in there.

Commissioner Nzama says that, the Metro Police will be working with Municipal engineers to identify other underground tunnels in the City where people could be illegally residing.

All relevant law enforcement agencies have been notified of the tunnels and they will be cleared and properly sealed to prevent any more squatters invading them.

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