Move towards security-focused office parks on the increase

The move towards security-focused office parks is definitely on the increase as more tenants – when renewing rental contracts – are migrating to safer premises, feeling they are getting more “bang for their buck”.

This is according to Org Geldenhuys, MD of Abacus DIVISIONS, the property development and management company, who said companies from outlying areas are increasingly looking at the “more secure office destinations”, such as Route 21 Corporate Park in Irene.

“This trend is not abating as those companies who can afford slightly higher rentals are looking at office parks which deploy the latest in access control security features, including biometrics, CCTV, driver’s license and vehicle scanning at all entry points and the deployment of roving guards.

“By way of example,” he said, “Route 21 has not had one incident reported in the past 2 years, showing the advantages of deploying the latest security technology. Tenants are increasingly willing to pay for these extra costs. Route 21 boasts more than 300 businesses and 10 000 office staff, so to keep a clean record for two years is pretty good going – attesting to the success of the additional security.”

He said focus on “tighter security” this will continue to be the norm as crime continues to be of grave concern in South Africa.

“Older office parks, with less security, are definitely seeing their rentals stagnant – they are unable to ask for inflation-based rental increases due to a migration to better-secured premises, which are, by far, preferred. This means the better calibre of tenant will generally be found in secured office parks. Landlords in more upmarket, secured office parks are luring tenants on a price performance basis – tenants feel they are getting more bang for their buck.”

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