V&A Waterfront announces temporary closure of a section of Breakwater Boulevard

A section of Breakwater Boulevard at the V&A Waterfront will be temporarily closed from 8 April 2013 as work starts on a vehicle and pedestrian tunnel that will link basement parking in Victoria Wharf to the Breakwater Parking Garage. This underground tunnel is the link that will create a new super basement, providing additional covered parking access into Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre.

V&A map

V&A Waterfront temporary closure of a section of Breakwater Boulevard

The tunnel is the second phase of development required for the new generation Pick n Pay announced recently, and is a means of providing on-grade parking. The new store will be almost three times the size of the current Pick n Pay and will be situated on the lower ground level of Victoria Wharf. Two hundred parking bays have been absorbed into the development, and parking in this area will be limited until the tunnel is completed to form the new super basement.

Breakwater Boulevard will be closed to vehicular and bus traffic from the traffic circle at Aston Martin to the traffic circle at basement entrance 2 to Victoria Wharf. During this period, traffic will be redirected around the Breakwater Parking Garage along the loop created by Dock Rd, Granger Bay Boulevard and Haul Rd back onto Breakwater Boulevard.

During the development of the tunnel, parking and access into Breakwater Garage and Victoria Wharf basement parking will be unaffected. Commuters are advised to use the bus stops near Mugg & Bean (entrance 1) for the duration of the road closure.

The road is expected to be fully operational in September 2013.

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