City and UCT join forces to establish a future for the unfinished Foreshore freeway

Image: elyob, Flickr

Unfinished Foreshore freeway, Cape Town Image: elyob

The City of Cape Town and the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Engineering and Built Environment Faculty have joined forces to develop a creative conceptual future for the unfinished Foreshore freeway, its un-built remnants, and the surrounding area.

Through this partnership, the City will harness the diverse talent of students from UCT’s engineering and built environment disciplines to influence the future design of urban space in the city.

This is an example of approaching a transport issue from both a multi- and inter-disciplinary standpoint. Students at UCT will produce proposals for the future of this part of the city. They will review existing proposed conceptual design reports, consider new alternatives, and take into account examples from other cities in the world, as well as the needs and priorities of the residents of Cape Town.

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