Tuk Tuks – Fun and affordable transport alternative around the Sandton CBD

Tuks Tuks – Fun and affordable transport alternative around the Sandton CBD

Old Mutual believes in enabling positive futures. They’ve been doing so since 1965 when they first became involved in corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives. It is now the proud moment of the Old Mutual Foundation, established in 1999, to visibly showcase some of their current social development projects in a unique and exciting way around the Sandton CBD.

Shirley Koaho, Old Mutual’s General Manager for Marketing, says: “This is an opportunity to inspire commuters and business travellers about the work being done in the CSI sector and the many ways in which it changes the lives of disadvantaged people. Rather than simply being a branding exercise, we hope that these examples will inspire others to build partnerships that help ordinary people do great things.”

“The need for social and economic development in SA is so great that no single agency, government department or civil society group can achieve significant change on its own. But partnerships of the sort that the Old Mutual Foundation builds can help build economically viable communities and bring dignity and livelihoods to thousands of people.”

As reiterated by Dr. Pandelani Mathoma, Old Mutual’s General Manager for Corporate Affairs; “Old Mutual’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme is specifically geared towards playing a pivotal role in this socio-economic development of our country. As a good corporate citizen we do this work passionately in alignment with the Government’s national priorities and salute all the corporate and individuals who contribute to the countries future with their CSI efforts. We are confident and pleased that all our combined efforts will ultimately contribute towards the realization of the objectives of the National Development Plan’s Vision 2030”.

Gautrain commuters who arrive at the Sandton Station now have a fun and affordable transport alternative around the Sandton CBD. 25 Tuk Tuks, branded with Old Mutual Foundation supported initiatives, are available to transport commuters around Sandton.

The Old Mutual Foundation branded Tuks Tuks will reflect initiatives such as: The Bulungula Lemon Grass Ladies, The Old Mutual Legends Programme, Leap Science and Maths School, Heiveld Co operative Ltd and the Wildlands Conservation Trust.

There are two Old Mutual “green routes”: a 3km radius, where fares are R25 per Tuk Tuk journey, and a 6 km radius ride that costs R35. While enjoying the novel experience of riding in a Tuk Tuk through Johannesburg, commuters will be provided with fact sheets on the specific CSI initiatives showcased on their Tuk Tuk.

If you’d like to experience the Tuk Tuks for yourself, you will find them outside the Gautrain Sandton Station and travelling the roads around Sandton where they can be hailed.

Or alternatively you can book a Tuk Tuk transfer by contacting SheShaTuks on 0861 743742 or visit the SheSha Tuks website

They are guaranteed not only to get you from A to B at a very reasonable rate, but also to give you a trip to remember – whether for the fun of it, or to inspire you to support one of the Old Mutual Foundation initiatives profiled on the Tuk Tuks and on the Old Mutual Foundation.

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