Website: http://www.paragonlending.co.za/

Paragon offers:

Innovative financing solutions for time-sensitive transactions throughout
South Africa

  • Funding for property purchases, working capital or other transactions
  • Funding for clients who cannot secure loans from commercial banks
  • Funding for developers to unlock the value in their properties
  • Funding where there are no hidden costs and fees

Paragon does not compete with the banks in that:

  • It lends to clients who fall outside of the banks’ lending criteria
  • It subscribes to the principles of secured asset-backed lending
  • It is a short-term lender secured by property

Paragon advances funds:

  • Against security of first bonds over commercial and residential property
  • For a maximum period of 12 months
  • Where interest is serviced monthly and capital is repaid at the end of the period