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Masonite provides engineered wood products.


On an auspicious day back in 1924, William H. Mason left his small workshop and went to lunch.

Mason, an expert on wood derivatives, had already invented a process that could convert wood chip waste into a soft, fluffy material. Using a cumbersome 19th century press, Mason was attempting to heat and compress the fibrous material into a commercially acceptable insulation board – without much success. Until, on that day, he forgot to switch off the press when he went out to lunch. Quite by accident the press had developed a leaky valve, so heat and pressure were applied for an unusually long period of time. On his return he found a hard, dense, dry, flat board that did not crumble, split, splinter or crack. And so, the world was introduced to the incredible versatility and practicality of hardboard… to become known, not surprisingly, as Masonite┬« Brand Hardboard.