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Website: http://www.jtgroup.co.za/?gclid=CIyQw7vd5K0CFVAhtAodxiMGVQ

The Group specialises in the land development process, from the due diligence investigation, and the acquiring of rights to the installation of services, as well as marketing and construction of the top structures.

Joint Venture
The JT Group partners with land owners to develop their property. The advantage of a joint venture is that the land owner receives a much higher return on his property than if he were to sell his property outright to the JT Group or any other developer.

Joint venture deals are very flexible and can be structured in any way that will suit the land owner.

The most typical joint venture agreements that the JT Group enters into are when the land owners provide the land to the joint venture at a pre-determined price, and the JTGroup provides the project management, funding and security to develop the property.