Dunbar Website

Website: http://www.dunbar.co.za/

Dunbar Property Group is an internationally represented commercial & industrial property specialist with head office in Cape Town South Africa. The group comprises three divisions operating in different sectors of the real estate market.

Dunbar Property Group: Commercial & Industrial presents commercial and industrial real estate for sale from across the globe, including South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

The Property Developer is a division of Dunbar Property Group which focuses on bulk land sales, predominantly in South Africa and is developer centric. Land parcels in different stages of beneficiation are brought to market for development. Types of land parcels include agricultural land for rezoning and rezoned land in the affordable housing, residential, leisure, commercial and industrial sectors. The company also presents mixed use land parcels from small single sites to large precincts.

Property-Mart South Africa is the group’s marketing arm in the residential sector, predominantly in South Africa. Properties include single residential, flats, town houses and leisure units, both for sale and for letting.